Subject RE: [IBO] Re: history of this list as archiv/digest available ?
Author Josipovic, Nick

the gbk is simply an Export from Outlook into an Interbase-table.
I exported all the messages from Februar 2000 until last week, all in all
almost 10.000 messages.
Unfortunately, Outlook won't let me export the Dates of the messages, but
the PK was set up so to preserve the original timely order of the messages.
The message-body is stored in a blob subtype 1 and the subject is a varchar,
so i don't see any problems of grouping the messages. Perhaps, if time
allows it, I will set up a small app to view the messages grouped by subject
Al that it needs is to parse the subjects and remove the and remove all RE:
AW: and FW: from it...after that, the messages can be ordered by the
calculated column. This could be easily done in an UDF-function.

If Jason won't make the file available on his web-page, i will upload it to
the groups file-section.

Nick Josipovic
Corporate Market Intelligence

Phone: ++49 6227 762945

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> Subject: [IBO] Re: history of this list as archiv/digest available ?
> hi jason,
> it would be great to have the list as a gbk-file. does that mean,
> the messages exist in database format and there is a tool to
> import/view the messages ?
> another user offered me to send me the digest as a text file, but a
> gbak-file would even be better ...
> what really disturbs mit with the list (or with mailing lists
> at all) that you have no chance to see the messages ordered
> by thread (or
> do i something wrong ??)
> i agree with frank, that a possibility to download the fille would
> be fine too. maybe also easier for you to handle.
> thanx
> osti