Subject Newbie Performance Question

I have been trying the IBObjects components with a database that
contains roughly 2.5 million records. For some strange reason I have
found that the performance is slower than with the BDE.

The structure of the query process is such that each form performs
several queries to the database using a few components, which are
then reused for other queries.

I have noticed with IBO that there is a slight pause between each
query, whereas with the BDE there isn't.

I am also using the BDE compatability components, as opposed to the
native Interbase components.

The problem is that with many queries over a large amount of data,
the pauses tend to build up, resulting in performance that is
dramatically slower than with the BDE.

Is this something that is inherent to IBO components? Is there any
way that I can stop the pauses without significantly restructuring my
application? Would it be worth converting to the native components?