Subject Latest Release Notes Errata
Author Jason Wharton
I made a mistake in the release notes with the last version. I omitted
placing credit to an individual who has done some outstanding work to
improve IBO. Two sentences should have read:

I included Tobias' enhanced IB_ArrayGrid as the standard IBO grid for
working with array columns. These were some very nice enhancements that
those using array columns will surely want to look into using.

The AutoLabel property has been added to most of the standard IBO native
controls so that it is much easier to put together quick interfaces that
automatically have labels next to the data entry controls. Thanks to Tobias,
Geoff and others for these very significant enhancements.

Thanks for everything Tobias! Sorry if you felt put off by my lack of credit
to you.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ