Subject IB_Stringlist Property Editor - Update
Hi there,

Since there seems to be interest, i'm currently finishing my work on
the first release of my little proped. I'll send it to those
interested in the next days.

However, some of the replies contained some warning i don't really
understand. Maybe this clarifies:

- It's a simple, small Package containig one Unit with the editor.
- It is not dependant on any special IBO builds or anything
- It does not require any changes to the original IBO sources
- It only uses standard VCL components
- It can be installed and removed "painlessly" at any time
- You get the full source, so if there's anything in there that
annoys you, simply throw it out!
- hey, it's only there to edit a stupid string list!
so please, guys, don't panic :-))

I'll go and finish it now to get it shipped, so for now just wait and

btw. does anyone know a simple freeware TMemo replacement that
supports sql syntax highlighting? If so, please let me know so i can
test and maybe integrate it. tia for any input.

Frank "the fingerman" Ingermann