Subject Anyone interested in IB_StringList property editor?
Hi there,

I'm currently digging into IBO, working my way through the sample
apps. One thing i didn't like very much is that in the Object
Inspector, all IB_Stringlist properties appeared as "[IB_StringList]".
So you have to dblclick them to see if there's anything inside.

So i went and wrote an alternative property editor for those props.
It's basically a replacement for the std-IDE-Stringlist editor, but:

Object Inspector:
- it displays the props as e.g. "< 0 >" for an empty stringlist, "< 1
> CUSTOMER.ID" for one with a single entry etc. This gives you lots of
information about a query just looking at the obj.insp.

Editor Dialog:
- in the editor, fixed charsize font is used (better then proportional
for sql i think). you can increase/decrease the font size.
- the dialog is sizeable.
- you can turn the meom's wordwrap on/off
- it also displays a list of all fields in the statement, dblclicking
on an item inserts it into the editing memo (very handy!)

works with both TIB_ and TIBO - derivates.

If anyone is interested, please reply to this msg and i'll make it
available to the community (as freeware of course, it's just one
little unit).

Frank "the fingermann" Ingermann