Subject Re: [IBO] LookUpCombo and control 3D. Correction.
Author staff@belding
Hello Mark

Correction. Sorry.

With the same setup as you I place two IB_LookupCombos and two TComboboxes
on a form or a TPanel and set their Ctl3d properties to T,F,T,F
respectively. Run the app. I observer no difference in the appearance of the
two TComboBoxes, they appear to be stuck on 3D, whereas the first
IB_LookupCombo is 3D and the second flat, as requested.

With either control you need to set the Ctl3D property in code as it is not
published, as far as I have looked. So if you did a copy and paste on one
control its ctrl3d value was not copied.

So if there is a problem it does not appear to be with the IB_ control.

I am on Win2000 with CTL3D32.DLL ver in the winnt\system32

Is there an overiding Delphi5 setting we both are overlooking for the ?


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Subject: [IBO] LookUpCombo and control 3D

> If I usa a lookupcombo on TPanel and set Ctl3D
> property to True it doesn't work, is it a bug?
> Thanks
> Mark
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