Subject RE: [IBO] GeneratorLinks in 5,000,000 words or less
Author Michael L. Horne
Helen, Svein,

Thanks for your comments. I thought when I was writing the triggers
that there shouldn't be a problem, but I was just starting with IB
at the time I wrote them. They are intended to solve a transition

I am in the process of converting a Paradox application to a IB
application, and since I have some programs that run against the
IB data but don't add records, I needed to merge the data from
the Paradox tables into the IB file each night. But I found that
this kept having the generators lower than PKs . So I added the
code to the triggers that would update the generators when a
record is inserted.

I probably should go back and clean up the triggers after I finish
the change over.

Thanks for the Suggestions/Help/Review/Criticize of my code. I
wish I had someone to go over all my code and check it out.
(Even with 22 years of programming experience I am still learning.)

Michael L. Horne