Subject RE: [IBO] GeneratorLinks in 5,000,000 words or less
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:20 AM 08-02-01 +0100, you wrote:
> >Svein,
> >read the original code again!! This trigger is going to fire on **every**
> >insert and blat whatever value comes through.
> ><g>
>Reread as
>if NotSuppliedPK
> PK := GeneratorValue
> if StupidlyAssignedPKValue > CurrentGeneratorValue then
> Increment Generator to ValueEqualToOrGreaterThanStupidlyAssignedPKValue
>Apart from the horrifying thought that someone has assigned the PK without
>using the generator, I still don't see any danger (excepting overflow if
>StupidlyAssignedPKValue is huge). I know that Temp_ID may not be current at
>the time of incrementing the generator, but that should only mean that the
>generator was increased by more than intended - never less. Am I still
>asleep (I'm normally awake at 10AM in Norway) or is it my understanding of
>'blat' that is missing? ;o}

No, correct observation - I was wrong in supposing that key violations
would be inevitable.

So it's not dangerous, really, just an unnecessary squandering of gen.
values, which could be a problem with < v.6 IB but not likely with v.6 +.

Still...why do it? I guess, a workaround if you have people potentially
accessing your database with StupidlyAssignedPKValues... <g> better to let
them blat your generators than blat your data.

Apologies to Michael for the kneejerk misinterpretation of your
unconventional code.


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