Subject Re: [IBO] OT: Help files help
Author Leonardo Quijano
Here I go with my wish list for the documentation / help file:

1) Start by organising the current help first. For example,
TIB_Query help is a series of remarks about the component, where
it could be best with something like:

It is primarily a buffered scrollable Dataset that is ideal for browsing
and providing a randomly scrollable dataset.

Connection properties
SQL properties (SQLSelect, SQLWhere, etc).
Search properties (SearchingLinks, SearchCriteria, etc).
Field properties (FieldsDisplayFormat, FieldsDisplayWidth, etc).


I could be all in one window, or in a separate section, or in
"Alphabetical listing / Category listing" like in the Delphi help. This
would help a lot. There are hundreds of properties there and it not
easy to look through them all.

2) Put cross references in the help. A "see also" section. Of
course that's a lot of work because there are many help topics.

3) Put the FAQ in the help file. It's more "accessible" that way.

4) And here it goes, the big wish: Cut off all those
properties/mehtods/etc! Or put them in groups, or something! It's
best to have a single SQL property with a property editor than:
SQLForUpdate, SQLFrom, SQLGroup, SQLHaving, SQLOrder, ...
etc. Well...maybe not cutting off as erasing them, but at least hide
some under one group. I'm sure this would simplify documentation
work, because it's easier for people to search through the
properties they want to see. I doubt I'll see this wish granted,
because for some weird reason people want more "control" - that's
it, more unnecessary things to think about. The real "control" would
be, yeah, have those properties and everything, but don't put them
all on the user/developer/whatever on their face.

Well, that's my suggestion. I know it's a lot of work. But it's easier
than a full IB Book (for which I would GLADLY pay - no more than
$100, i'm not rich) and more possible right now.

Leonardo Quijano