Subject IB_LookupCombo in an IB_Grid
Author staff@belding
> Please show us
> (1) the SQL for the Keysource table and
> (2) the entry you have for KeyLinks for the Lookup table.

Hello Hellen, Svein

Thank you for persisting on this issue. You help is appreciated.

Use a new app with a single form, and EMPLOYEE.GDB.
On the form put a connection, transaction,
qrGrid, qrLookup (IB_Query)
dsGrid, dsLookup (IB_DataSource)
myLookup, (IB_LookupCombo) with myLookup is inside myGrid.

Part One: Use table EMPLOYEE in the grid.

qrGrid has(
SQL = select * from employee

qrLookup has(
SQL=select country from country
DataField = job_country
KeyLinks = = employee.job_country

myLookup has (

Run the app. See the Grid. Scroll over to look at column job_country. Select
a job_country cell.
The selected cell is now blank.

(if you drop the box select only the original selection otherwise an error,
not related to my issue, will occur )

Part two: Use table CUSTOMER instead of table EMPLOYEE in the grid.

In the above spec replace job_country with country and replace employee with

Why? Because CUSTOMER.COUNTRY has the same column name as COUNTRY.COUNTRY.

With this part there is no problem.