Subject RE: [IBO] Query not seeing Changes
Author Stuart Hunt
it is probably a problem with your transaction setting.
A setting of tiConcurrency (the default, I think) menas that any cursors
attached to that transaction will only see new changes when the transaction
is committed or rolled back.
If you want to see changes made on other machines without having to commit
your transaction first set the transaction's Isolation property to
tiCommitted. Note that even with this setting you will not see the changes
on the other machine until that other machine commits its work.

Stuart Hunt,
IdeaGen software Limited

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> From: Roger Webb [SMTP:RWebb@...]
> Sent: 07 February 2001 16:45
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> Subject: [IBO] Query not seeing Changes
> I'm having a problem with being able to see changes made to tables by
> other
> clients. I've tried Refresh(ing) the data and closing the TIB_Query and
> reopening it, but neither method works. The only way I can see the
> changes
> is to completely disconnect from the database, reconnect, then reopen the
> query. Is this a problem with a setting in the TIB_Query,
> TIB_Transaction,
> TIB_Connect, or what?
> Thanks!
> - Roger Webb