Subject Seeming duplicate rows in IB_Grid - with work around.
Author Brian Dunstan

I have just encountered a strange problem with TIB_Grid and I am wondering
if it is a known bug.

IBO version = 3.6Be
Delphi 5.01
O/S = Windows 2000 and also NT 4

The problem is that the second row displayed in the grid overwrites the
third row. Visually, it appears that the second row is duplicated, but in
fact the second row is displayed twice and the third row is not displayed at

I have run it with Monitor to verify that the correct rows are being
returned. When I open the dataset in design mode the records are displayed

I have defined key links on a unique integer value. The SQL is a select from
a SP.

The project was previously using TIBOQuery and TwwDBGrid but was converted
to TIB_Query and TIB_Grid to take advantage of the ordering features. There
are a number of multi-segmented OrderingItems defined (unique, ascending and
descending). The problem only appeared after the conversion was done.

Setting AutoFetchAll := True works around the problem, but I expect it has
undesirable performance consequences.

So, does anyone know if this is a bug? or how I might be causing such a

Thanks in advance,