Subject RE: [IBO] OT: Help files help
Author Norman Dunbar

regarding the IB Book :

recently on the C++ Builder's lists there was consternation that a new book
for CPPB 5 was not going to be produced. A number of people got together and
sorted out how the book should look and invited contributions. A web site
was set up to show progress and accept ideas & suggestions etc. Eventually,
Sams published the C++ Builder 5 Developer's Guide. I don't know if Sams
'put up' some cash up front to pay the rent, but who knows. I for one,
simply as a hobby programmer, would love to have an IB Book. I am trying to
get to grips with it in my spare time - what little my wife allows :o) and
at lunch breaks here at work - not much progress yet :o(

The details of the CPPB book can be found here :

Hopefully, this might just be of some help.

Regards, Norman.

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