Subject Re: [IBO] Which version to use?
Author Jason Wharton
I think I am going to yank out this new feature until version 4 when I will
have separated the run-time and design-time packages. I'm dragging version
3.6 too much here.

Also, regarding the new release I'm trying to get done. I'm struggling with
maintaining two versions of code. I feel the need to communicate where I am
at with my support efforts here:

If you have a problem and want my specific attention for it, please ahead of
time have it isolated and simplified. If it isn't then I probably will just
ask you to do that before continuing on. Feel free to continue head
scratching with the folks on the list, just please let me have some space to
focus on getting this release solidified.

I have also been struggling because many people don't say which version of
Delphi/CPPB, which version of InterBase/Firebird w/Dialect and which version
and sub-release of IBO. If you don't include this information that will be
the next question I will ask you and not go any farther until that
information is known.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: Re: [IBO] Which version to use?

> Helen
> The test versions can not be distributed as they stand!
> They require libraries which are NOT on the distributable list.
> I'm waiying for Jason to come back on another thread about this problem.
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