Subject RE: [IBO] *** blr version 84 is not supported ***
Author Helen Borrie
At 03:52 PM 06-02-01 -0600, you wrote:
>Because it was a typo :o(. Here is the real value:
>NOTES BLOB sub_type 2 segment size 128
>Do you have any suggestions as to what the real problem might be?

Here is your original statement:

"I am receiving the message in the subject line when I attempt to display a
memo field using a TDBMemo control. Here is how my memo is defined in my
NOTES BLOB sub_type 2 segment size 1[28]"

You are trying to put a binary blob into a memo control - it won't
work. TDBMemo needs a text blob. I suspect what is happening here is that
the client is asking for some special stream format that is "text in a
binary representation". Because you have not defined a Blob filter that
fits these requirements, it's just coming back and saying it can't
represent it.

Change the definition to sub_type 1 or 0, or just drop the sub_type
altogether and IB will just store whatever it receives (it defaults to 0,

Another thing is - if you are using the TIB_ native IBO data access
objects, TDBMemo won't work with them. You need a TIB_Memo.


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