Subject RE: [IBO] Which version to use?
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:21 PM 06-02-01 +0800, you wrote:
>I tried 3.6Cd earlier today and started getting errors in BindCursor. When I
>searched the news group I found a message from Jason (1/2/01 Problem
>BindingCursor) which made me think it was an issue with the version I had
>just upgraded to.
>The problem only occurred after I upgraded from 3.6Be to 3.6Cd.
>I upgraded to get a fix which was supposed to be in 3.6Bf (according to the
>release notes). 3.6Bf is not on the web page I normally get my files from.
>So far, every upgrade I have tried has given me worse problems than the one
>I was trying to fix :-)
>Maybe I should just go back to 3.6Be and deal with the (relatively minor)
>bugs I know :-)

Did you spot this posting from Helmut Steinberger?

>I updated IBO to the latest release (IBO_3_6_Ce_TEST2) and then it
>worked. So I think it must have been a bug in IBO.

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