Subject Re: [IBO] Installer for IBO
Author Leonardo Quijano
> Leonardo, do you know if it is possible to create a setup program
> that can be distributed inside the distribution? That is; A small
> executable that can be run to perform the Delphi/BCB setup, but not
> perform any copying etc. Actually, if the setup program could create
> or modify the required package files according to user preference,
> that would be even better.

Well, to compile packages from an setup application, I would use
the command line compiler DCC32. That's for modifying package
files (it would compile just the right one and ignore all those
package files that come with the distribution). But then again, why
just don't distribute the binaries, with the source code as a
reference? I guess it's UNIX style to force the user to compile and
build when he wants to use a program; but that's a setback, not an

As for installing the compiled packages on the Delphi IDE, I haven't
found the info yet. Anybody?

Leonardo Quijano

p.s.: Before all you guys jump on me, I'm talking about USERS
(app. programmers), not DEVELOPERS of IBO. Which I insist, the
first ones should be the main concern of a developer. Always.

> This way a developer can just copy the distribution where they want
> it, then run the setup to install the relevant package. Since the
> core package files of IBO are relatively static, this would not create
> any additional work for the release of patches etc. This also lets
> users, like myself, totally ignore the setup program if desired.
> Just some thoughts.
> Geoff Worboys
> Telesis Computing