Subject Re: [IBO] Query not finishing before rest of program runs
Author Jason Wharton
When using a query like this set KeyLinksAutoDefine to false and
FetchWholeRows to true.

If that doesn't cure things up, you will need to send me something
duplicating this behavior for me to take additional action.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: [IBO] Query not finishing before rest of program runs

> Hello All
> I have a IBOquery like this.
> SELECT COUNT(Check_detail.CK_ID) Ck_id
> FROM CHECK_DETAIL Check_detail
> ON Check_detail.CK_ID = Check_master.CK_ID
> WHERE (((Check_detail.CK_EMP_KEY = '003')
> AND (Check_detail.CD_RECORD_CODE = '4')
> AND (Check_detail.CK_RECORD_TOTAL_TYPE = 'C')
> AND (Check_master.CK_CK_DATE BETWEEN '02/01/2001'
> AND '02/28/2001')))
> What happens if I attach code to a button to open the query I get
> results. But if the query runs in a procedure that many other querys
> run then there are no results. It is as if it is not waiting to
> finish the query. If I attach code to a button to refresh the query
> after the procedure runs the data shows up. There are a lot of other
> querys and they all work fine. It seems that this perticular SQL
> syntax has a problem. I am using latest IBO update.
> Thanks
> Bo Ugljesic
> Lou-Ray Associates