Subject Re: [IBO] Colors for IB_LookupCombo in an IB_Grid
Author Helen Borrie
At 04:28 PM 05-02-01 +1300, you wrote:
>Hi Helen
>(Summary Question:
>Where does an IB_LookupCombo get its color settings from when it is inside
>an IB_Grid, IgnoreColorScheme is True for the grid and LC, ParentColor and
>ParentFont are False for both grid and LC, and the LC is selected but not
>showing its list?)
> > Maybe you are confused about the Color (background color) and Font.Color
> > properties?
> >
>I wish it were that simple.
>I can set the LC Font color to clYellow and the LC color to clBlue. At
>design time the colors I select persist. At run time the colors scheme for
>the LC appears black and the text in the LC appears hidden or washed out. I
>have not found out how to alter the lc seleced color scheme. (I do not have
>The LC dropdown list takes its background color from the Grid's
>OrderingColor (by observation). Where does the LC get its selected Text and
>Background color from? I do not have a Windows setting problem because, on
>the same pc, the Sample - Contacts app gives readable colors.
>Any insights?

No, sorry. I'd be interested to get some FAQ material out of your
question, though. :)) If all else fails, Jason will be back online tomorrow.


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