Subject Re: [IBO] Colors for IB_LookupCombo in an IB_Grid
Author Helen Borrie
At 03:12 PM 05-02-01 +1300, you wrote:
>I have an IB_lookupCombo (LC) in an IB_Grid.
>I am trying to set the colors for the text displayed in the LC when it is
>selected but not displaying its lookup values. It works OK on the PC in the
>Contact Sample with blue background and white text. In my app the LC color
>hides the text.
>When the dropdown list appears the background color for the list is
>controlled by LC.popupcolor.
>In my app and in the Sample Contact app I have not yet found a way to
>control the colors of the LC when it is selected but not displaying its
>lookup values.
>Any clues, using the Sample Contact app as an example?

Maybe you are confused about the Color (background color) and Font.Color


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