Subject Re: [IBO] IB_Editors.pas
> I do not use packages but it's good to see that somebody managed to
> separate design and run-time files.

Jason had already done the hard work.
The problem was that Jason is trying to use Borland libraries which we
can not distribute under Builder 5 ( You can't under Delphi either, but
they are not so well protected there! )

> > Only problem is I have the seOrderingItemNo->EditMaskEx Error on
> > IB_Query editor, everthing else seems fine!
> Hmmm, a full rebuild with the latest files should make this error go away.

I always work with a clean set of files - in a clean directory - but I
tried again - same problem! Not sure which files should be used with though.

> > Just need to edit the design package to match runtime descriptions.
> Of course, before you have two IBO versions in your environment.

I actually have three versions on the system at the moment, but I NEVER
build IBO_C5.BPL. I've been caught out too many times with other
packages. My current production is using IBO36A_C5.BPL, IBO36C_C5.BPL is
in a few test sites, and the latest version is in development.

I would strongly recommend this approach to any developer. I can go back
to sites I installed 10 years and switch to the development environment
I used for that job. Most of these sites are still using Windows3.1
quite happily!

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services