Subject RE: [IBO] IB_Editors.pas
Author Ondrej Kelle
> We had the same problem with memTable, and had to build two
> packages, a
> run time and a design time. I think it was just a matter of what is
> registered, but it was some time ago so I need to have a closer look.
> In the meantime - ShowFieldsEditor will have to go!
> Just another example of Borland making Delphi and Builder compatible,
> and then pulling the rug out!

IMHO, putting designtime and runtime into separate packages is a good idea.
Designtime functionality like fields editor is only needed for the
developer, so why distribute it to the users. I also think that IBO should
also be split into at least two packages: designtime and runtime. Based on
his previous postings I believe that Jason is planning to do it in one of
the next releases.