Subject Display memo text in grid and Access violation.
Author Don Gollahon
I have a DBGrid that is showing some records from an IB6 table. I'm using

There is a memo field in this table that has data stored originally from a
RichEdit object.

I don't want the "(MEMO)" to display but the actual text from the memo with
no format codes. But I also do not want to lose the format codes from the
original memo.

So far I've done the following:

procedure Tdmdatamodule.qryDESCRIPTIONGetText(Sender: TField;
var Text: String; DisplayText: Boolean);
vstr : string;

DisplayText := True;
form1.RichEdit1.Text := Sender.Asstring;
text := form1.RichEdit1.Text;

Where RichEdit1 is a hidden component on the form that has Plaintext set to
It appears to work fine. But when I close the app I get an access

Any ideas?

I use Delphi 4, IBO 3.6.

Don Gollahon
"What in Eternity does it matter?"