Subject How do I do a row level validation
Author Govindkrishna
I am using IBobjects 4.And i have a problem binding the IBO's
TDataSet decendant IBOQuery to a grid control.

What i am trying to do is :

Bind a woll2woll Grid to IBOQuery which has two required fields.

The problem i am facing is:

When the user fills only one mandatory field and hits down arrow it is
trying to add a new record and during this time it is raising an exception
saying "fieldName is Required and can not have empty values".

So,what event should i use to do row level validations.

I have gone through all the events and none seems suitable.

Specific Example:

I have a table called orders which has two mandatory fields
ReceiptNo and CustomerID.

I declared a IBOQuery and datasource for this table
in a data module and bound it to a woll2woll Grid.

When user fills in ReceiptNo (not CustomerID) and hits down arrow
it raises an exception saying EIB_DatasetError With message 'CustomerID
is a required field'.

So,how do i control this?Can anybody help solving this problem.