Subject Re: [IBO] Slow Build
Author Paul Gallagher
This problem also seems to be related to a problem I have with the IDE, in
which it will "freeze". This has been a commonly reported problem that
Borland does not seem to feel is related to Delphi. I have run across old
newsgroup messages in which rep's from Borland are blaming 3rd party
components for the problem.

I am having a similar problem with a couple of components that I have
created that use IBO components. If I remove references to the IBO
components from test projects, the IDE freezing seems to go away as well.

For reference, I am using a dual processor Celeron 366 computer, so it is
not the fastest. If I were using a 1.4ghz P4, the delay would probably be so
short that it would not be objectionable.

If someone wants to try this, just create a new project, drop a
IB_BrowseDialog on the form, and perform a build. If you notice that the
compiler progress window freezes on the line of your project that uses the
IB_Dialogs unit, then perhaps that would tell the story if the problem is
just me, or something to do with IBO. I have a suspicion that with
unorthodox method that IBO is built, it may be causing the compiler to do
some sort of extra scan or something.

I have noticed that the delay I experience in building, is the same amount
of time that it takes to actually build the IB_Dialog unit. I am positive
that the IB_Dialog.pas file has been removed from any of my search paths.


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> Hi Paul,
> Build IBO so that the DCUs go to a separate directory and add that
> directory to your application search path. Remove the IBO source path
> from the search directory (and if you still want to be able to debug
> into the IBO source then add it to the debug source path).
> I think that should stop Delphi from trying to check if it needs to
> recompile IBO. Some of the units are very big with lots of includes,
> so it can take Delphi a while to decide what it needs to do.
> hth
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