Subject Re: [IBO] Evaluate IBO with BCB 5 Pro
Author Helen Borrie
At 04:16 PM 29-12-01 +0100, you wrote:
>I already sent two mails to jwharton@... to ask for evaluating
>IBO with C++Builder 5 Pro but did not get any response yet.

The most probable reason is that Jason handles unbelievable volumes of email and, for the past two weeks, has been on "minimal duty" with respect to his email backlog because of the birth of his new son, John, on Dec. 15, into a household of three other young children.

Hang in there - I'm sure Jason will get to it; or, if it very urgent, email me privately.

>I'm right that I need additional files not available for download to evaluate
>IBO with C++Builder ?

In some cases, I believe you need more source code in order to be able to compile the .obj files you need. Geoff (our resident CPPB expert) will be able to tell you exactly what the story is...