Subject NUMERIC(17,2) and Calculated fields
Author Burak OZLER
Hi all

I'm Using IB_query and I use numeric(17,2) very often. Becouse I'm
living in a high inflation country (TURKEY).

my first problem is;
IB_Currency edit gives me only 1234567890123,12 this is not enough for me
(I thik 17,2 will be a problem for me I need 19,2 indeed)
the second;
when I use IB_edit it lets me write 12345678901234567,12
but gives me a nice error "Invalid floating point value"

I need very urgent solution for currency I dont want to rewrite whole the
things I do for 2 months. (I used to think native IB must have a solution
for this I test this issue this morning)

*At the Column attributes I select currency
** ParamByName('CHTUTAR').AsCurrency :=
qryCEK.FieldByName('TUTAR').AsCurrency; gives the same error.

other stiation;
I send sample apllication about calculated field problems to Jason and
Geoff. Geoff (Thanks for his Interest) has accept the problem but we don't
have any solutions yet. When'll we hear sth from Jason ?

Kind Regards

(Sorry for my poor English... I need to write this, becouse IB-Support
discussed about English Grammar for a whole Friday :o))))