Subject EnhComponents v2.0.11 Test Release
Author Geoff Worboys
Hi Enh2 Users (my apologies to other IBO users),

I have created a test release of Enh2 with significant updates to
TDateTimeEnh and TIB_DateTimeEnh. The change introduces a DateTime
property which attempts to remain synchronised with the Text of the
control. But more importantly the control now endeavours to support
date/datetime values of various formats using a specially created
routine that extracts date information given only the order of
elements within the string. This should allow the control to be used
with more interesting (and non-system locale based) date/time

For example: The display format could be setup as 'dd mmm yyyy' and
still support entry of dates like: '25/12/01'

Since this code is only new and not tested outside my own systems (all
locale=au) I would appreciate it existing Enh2 users could download
this new release (v2.0.11) and let me know how well it works.

Note: If you are currently using DateTimeEnh with editmasks, you will
need to ensure that the editmask and displayformat are compatible.

My thanks to Marcin Bury, whose initial contribution inspired me to
try extending this control.

ALSO: This release introduces better locale support, it will be most
appreciated if people can contribute translations of the
Telesis_Locale.pas unit for distribution.


Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing