Subject Suggestion for Team IBO
Author Josipovic, Nikica
After a hopefully enjoyable christmas for all who do celebrate it I have
following suggestion:

In several newsgroups there are pro-teams, like TeamB, Team Indy or team
Nevrona indicating that the people carrying this signature have contributed
largely and professionally to the newsgroups/list to help other people.

The IBO List has some outstanding contributors and I would like to see such
a thing as Team IBO in this list, too.

I would nominee Helen and Geoff to this status as their contributions to
this list were outstanding in the past and will hopefully be in the future,
too. Jason can be very lucky having such people on the list as they reduce
his support-efforts significantly and he can concentrate better at further
improving IBO :-)

Having such a singature does not make someone better or more important, but
it sure is a nice way of giving kudo's to special people. Perhaps someone
on this list shares my opinion, too


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