Subject Please urgent "TimeStamp"
Author gbehnke2000
Dear All,

i have the following Problem:
Database FireBird RC2
IB-Objects 4..

Instead of the DataField "Time" or "Date" i need to use the FieldType
"TimeStamp" now i have the Problem to read the FieldValue and extract
the Time part respectively the Date part.
ibcursor_->FieldByName(_F_CREATE_TIME)->AsDateTime).FormatString(" hh:nn");
I get only the correct time part but not the correct Date part:
" 30.12.99 16:12"

Changing to
i get the result:

I try to cast the TimeStamp in my SQL-Statment to
SELECT MldIndex,Cast(Create_Time As timestamp),GUID_CHANGE FROM
STAR_DOCUMENT_S (157122,1,100,'DESC')

But in this case i get the error-messages.
"FieldName: Create_Time not found"

Many thanks for your help and happy new Year

Gerhard Behnke