Subject Re: [IBO] Paraniod Question
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:07 AM 26-12-01 +0500, you wrote:

>>>But all the binaries for the main server and all the utilities retain the
>>same name.
>>True - I think this renaming the client library, server filename, default
>>port etc is scheduled for version 2.
>Just trying to do some informal risk management for the following scenario.
>I am planning to use FB as an embedded database.

I don't think you mean this, exactly, do you? An embedded database application doesn't use the API nor the gds client, but accesses the server and one database directly, through embedded SQL calls. IBO, and more generally, ObjectPascall doesn't support embedded SQL.

>My installation program will have an option "install server" and basically FB server will be installed
>My "install client" option will install the FB client dll and my delphi exe.
>Suppossing some other application does something similar and installs IB6.5,
>I am certain to have mysterious problems at that customers site.
>As of now I am talking of the Windows server.
>(I have never worked on Linux. I have started
> Prompted by all the traffic on this list of how much better it is to run FB on Linux)
>What can be done to minimize this risk.
>will something like this work.
>rename gds32.dll to fbs32.dll
>Have a seperate shipment version of IBO bound into my exe
>where a search and replace is done to replace all occurences of gds32.dll with fbs32.dll
>Rename ibserver.exe to fbserver.exe.
>Rename ibguard.exe to fbguard.exe (probably cause a problem)
>Q. How can i tell ibguard that ibserver has been renamed.
>Q. Can I create some configuration file so that fbserver.exe will listen on a different port.
>Q. What do I need to do in IBO to tell it to use the new port.
>< I am cross posting this on the IBO and IB lists because the question spans some boundaries >

Assuming you are talking about a regular IBO application, all you have ever required is an override to the IBO constant IB_Constants.IB_GDS32. There are two example units in the IBO source, see IB_Session511.pas and IB_Session_5_6.pas. Simply create your own version of such a unit and refer to it in your DPR file, as the very first unit in the uses clause.

You can rename a gds32.dll to anything you like. Currently on my system I have three versions of gds32.dll, only one of which is being accessed by my "regular" IBO applications.

Just a comment on your comments, having your database server running on Linux doesn't mean you (...somehow...?) use a different client application when communicating with it through Windows.

By the same token, from a Linux application, you would use the lib_gds client library (or, depending on version) whether connecting to a Linux-served database or one served from another platform, such as Windows. In fact, until a recent memory upgrade on my Linux box, I have been connecting my Kylix applications to a Windows-served database, simply because Kylix + Qt + X + FBServer wouldn't run all at once on 64 Mb.

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