Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_DATE with REL Fn
Author sdbeames
This was mentioned recently. Jasons reply is below....
The interim fix is to use the older copy of DatePick.pas from


> Currently trying V4.2.Fm with BCB5 & Win95.

In my experience, I fixed a non-working TIB_Date a few sub-releases

The problem I had was with the mouse scrolling of the month window

I must have wandered into some windows version incompatibility
issues. I shifted it from one group to another.

I would like everyone who uses the TIB_Date control with the calendar
popup to test the month popup window and report your findings for
good or bad along with your version of Delphi, Windows and IBO.

PS. For those wanting to look into the sources, the unit is
DatePick.pas, contributed by Lars George.

Jason Wharton