Author davidhusarik

Sorry about the first e-mail to you about installing version 4.2Fn.
I finally did get it to install Ok.

I wound up going back to 'IB Objects' version 3.6Dk due to the fact
that the interface to Report Builder doesn't support IB Objects 4 and

I unzipped the file '' into a directory
called 'C:\IBO36Dk'.

I located IBO_D4.dpk in c:\IBO36Dk\IObjects\.

When I attempted to compile IBO_D4.dpk, I received the following

(ERROR) IB_Editors.pas (230) Identifier expected but 'FUNCTION' found.

(FATAL ERROR) IBO_D4.dpk (123) Could not compile used
unit 'IB_Editors.pas'.

I changed the coma (,) on line 228 of IB_Editors.pas to a Semi-Colon
(;) and saved the file.

I then attempted a second compile of IBO_D4.dpk with the following

(Warning) Unit 'IBF_GenCalcFields' implicitly imported into
package 'IBO_D4'.

When I hit the install button, I received the same warning as above.
When I responded to the warning then I received the dialog that
components had been installed successfully.

I wound up with the following IB Object Component Pages.

iboTDataset, iboAccess, iboControls, iboSearch, iboGrids, iboBars,
iboDialogs, iboNon-DB, iboAdvanced.

My only questions are

Did the change to IB_Editors.pas have any adverse effects?
Do you have a help file for IB Objects version 3.6x?

And by the way the version winds up to be 3.6Dj.


David C. Husarik
Programmer IV
MA Department of Revenue