Subject Re: [IBO] Cursors and SQL parsing...
Author Martijn Tonies
Hi Artur,

""Artur Anjos"" <arsoft@...> wrote in message
> For what I know, it's just a matter of time. Jason is always very fast to
implement new features like this (remember the FIRST parameter in
> For me this is just a Borland problem, not Jason's. Everyone know that
Borland should give Jason a lot more support, since there are lot's of
people that use IB because of IBO facilities. (I'm one of them).

Borland could give 3rd party developers a little more slack...

> We all know IBO's place in IB development. Including Borland. We are not
stupid. Borland either.
> Oh yeah. There is so much in live, that we must learn not to worry with
things before they happen... Do you have already bougth your copy of IB 6.5?

I have customers who want to have the latest features implemented, I do have
to worry about that :)

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