Subject Re: [IBO] IB_Date wrong date formatting
Author mmenaz
I appreciate you both, Hie Joen and Dmitry Beloshistov, that tried to help me but, maybe due to my bad English, there has been a misunderstanding :)
I said:
"I've also noticed a problem with IB_Date when display format is:
and edit mask is:

It's like you go to your car reseller because your car does not turn on anymore, and he tells you "that's easy, use the bus instead!"
I know that using a two year digit format the four year digit problem disappears, of course, but DisplayFormat HAS to be dd/mm/yyyy, because this is the way I NEED it.
Furthermore, if confirmed as a bug, I could try to solve it. The control should act correctly in almost any common situations, not requiring you to avoid certain settings so no bug is found! ;)
So let's concentrate in the described situation :)

Marco Menardi

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