Subject Re: [IBO] Writing IB components
Author Frank Ingermann
Hi Christian,

Christian G├╝tter wrote:
> I would like to write an IBO aware BitBtn.
> 1) Has anyone of you written a data aware BitBtn
> before? Of course, I do not want to reinvent
> the wheel ...

not a TBitbtn yet...

> 2) Can anybody point me to some information about
> writing data aware components for IBO?
> Of course, I have the sources of IBO, but Jason's
> files are very large and a quick look into them
> won't help me too much - I already tried this.
> Perhaps someone can show me a small component which
> can serve as a good example.

Take a look at the files section in Yahoogroups (you will
have to sign in to get access).

There's a file called, which is an adaption of the
TSynEdit component for IBO "native". I did exactly what you plan to do
there for a db-aware memo control, so this should get you started.

If you have any questions, feel free to mail me privatly.

> Thanks in advance.
> Christian