Subject Re: [IBO] Datapump from text to gdb
> text file will have 3 coloumn, code, time and price, I will send an example
> , and its length is approximately 1.000.000 record (max). it is ongoing
> import, the data is changin over time, and also I have to delete old records
> and import new records.
> the name of the text file is hisse1.txt, and it is zipped by me by winzip,
> its name is
> it is clean, no viruses. I had to zip because I can send e-mail more than
> 1mb

Well your on the IBO list, so I assume that you are using

I have a similar but smaller problem getting data from a
SAGE accounting package.

I just wrote a routine that reads each line of the data, and
converts it. I can then check that all the values are
present and valid, before checking for that entry in the
database. In my case if it is already there, it gets
updated, otherwise I just add it. Its fast and clean.

There are ways of taking a CSV file and dumping it into a
database, but I think you need a little more intelligence in
the transfer?

This is not a programming list, but if you need a start,
send the exact text record format to me privately, and I'll
see if I can give you some code - but it will be in Builder5

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services