Subject RE: [IBO] Datapump from text to gdb
text file will have 3 coloumn, code, time and price, I will send an example
, and its length is approximately 1.000.000 record (max). it is ongoing
import, the data is changin over time, and also I have to delete old records
and import new records.
the name of the text file is hisse1.txt, and it is zipped by me by winzip,
its name is
it is clean, no viruses. I had to zip because I can send e-mail more than

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Subject: Re: [IBO] Datapump from text to gdb

> I need a program, demo, or any component that imports data from an ASCII
> text file into gdb files,

How long is your piece of string?

In other words:-

What format is your ASCII data?
Is this a one time import, or ongoing?
What tools are you currently using ( Delphi - Builder ) ?
How big are the files.

The string...

There are a number of ways of doing this give us some more
answers and we can make better suggestions.

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