Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_Date broken?
Author sdbeames
--- In IBObjects@y..., "Jason Wharton" <jwharton@i...> wrote:
> In my experience, I fixed a non-working TIB_Date a few sub-releases
> The problem I had was with the mouse scrolling of the month window
> I must have wandered into some windows version incompatibility
issues. I shifted it from one group to another.
> I would like everyone who uses the TIB_Date control with the
calendar popup to test the month popup window and report your
findings for good or bad along with your version of Delphi, Windows
and IBO.

I am seeing the problem with BCB5 & W95, W98 & W2K, also D5 with W98
& W2K. It appears to be in the MouseUp handling, but I'm still Delphi
illiterate at the moment. Even checking a queries data using the
query editor shows the problem.

Is no-one else seeing this?