Subject RE: [IBO] FieldName not found on SP
Author Don Schoeman
Preparing the query first helps the stored proc refresh it's parameter list,
but why do I have to perform an implicit prepare for the stored proc where
everywhere else I do not have to? The Prepared property is set to True.

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Subject: [IBO] FieldName not found on SP

I get the following error when trying the set a parameter value for a stored

FieldName: P_UNIT_TYPE_ID not found

I know for a fact that the P_UNIT_TYPE_ID parameter does exist and it is
listed in the ParamNames and Params properties.

I set the parameter value like this:
spCreateUnitCodes.Params.ParamByName('P_UNIT_TYPE_ID').AsInteger := xxx;

I've been doing this all over the place and everywhere else it does work.
Any ideas?

Best Regards,
Don Schoeman

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