Subject Re: [IBO] yikes! Help!
Author Jason Wharton
> Hmm, 4 seconds or less. Would be perfect. But I'm not just loading a
table. I need to see if the record exists already in the interbase table. If
it exists, then I need to update it, otherwise I need to update it. If I
understand your sentence above correctly, with the TIB_DSQL proposal I can
only Insert records, not update them if they already exist.
> Is there another way to mass update a interbase table from another
database eg Access? (Instead of using Locate each time to check if the
record already exists or not)
> In fact you could look at what I'm trying to do this way:
> A table from access is offered to the program. Then we need to push that
data in an interbase table. Already existing records need to be updated and
new records need to be added. So you can see the interbase table as the
table which contains all the records and contains the latest information,
while the Access table only contains new or updated data.

Well, instead of using an insert statement directly use a stored procedure
that receives all the values of each record. Then, inside the stored
procedure do all the checks necessary to insert or update as appropriate.

There should be a FAQ or message in the archives on this where I've given a
more detailed way to do this efficiently.

Using a proc is your best bet here.

PS. Get some sleep and do it in the morning. G'nite.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ