Subject Server physical transactions and TIB_Transaction Auto-commit
Author Luciano Sparacino

I'm having a problem with my client/server application and i don't know
where o attack it in order to find a solution. I'm actually working with
IBO 3.3 and IB 6.0 on Winnt 4.0.

The fact is that the server starts consuming more and more memmory
during the day up to a point in which it becomes very slow... the only thing
we can do then is to restart it and everithing works ok.

I don't know if there's anything i can do with my IBO components to get
a better performance and release the load to the IB server (i'm actually
using TIBOQuery, TIBOTable, TIB_TransactionSingle and TIB_Connection)

I read from a guy from MER systems that physical transactions do keep
memmory allocated since you prepare a Dataset and then that's only released
when commiting or rolling back. What happens if i have my transaction set
as auto-committ?