Subject Re: [IBO] Calendar/Scheduling component for IBO?
Author Daniel Rail
At 04/12/2001 10:08 PM, you wrote:
> Does anyone know of a calendar/scheduling component which works with
>native IBO?

Take a look at the UIL Time Framework (,
UIL just acquired SIMPL and changed the name to UIL Time Framework. It
doesn't have a data-aware version, but it's very easy to use and enter the
data for the visual components via a centralized non-visual component, by
day and resource appearing in the visual scheduler. I've been working with
it for almost 2 years now. New features are coming out for version
2.0. It's very flexible and even if there would be a data-aware version, I
would still need to use the non-db version, since I use some custom
behavior that I use with it. Unfortunately, there's no screen shots on
UIL's site, but you can have a glimpse of it at our web-site
( look for the scheduler section. Also, keep in mind that
you can have more than one day appear in it and don't have to be
sequential. There's more flexibility than what you see at our website.

For retrieving the information, you can use TIB_Cursor to populate the
scheduler very fast. There's also a property for every appointment to same
the unique key of the table to easily locate the appointment in the table.

Have a nice day.

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