Subject Re: [IBO] Values change after commiting
Author Jason Wharton
FYI. If I'm not mistaken, these appear to be IBX components.

What you are seeing is a result of TDataset's floating point based
TNumericColumn instead of a fixed point type. I presume there is some kind
of BCD support with IBX but I am not sure how they do it. You can use that
or possibly use a DisplayFormat to keep things clean.

Perhaps you should ask in a more appropriate newsgroup on the Borland Site.

Good luck!

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: [IBO] Values change after commiting

> Hello,
> I am using Firebird, Delphi 6, and IBDatabase, IBTRansaction, IBDataset.
> my table I have 2 fields name field1, field2 which are defined as Float.
> Using DBEdit, I am inserting data to the table, however, before commiting
> the transaction, field1.value is 0.20, and field2.value 1000000000, after
> commiting the data field1.value becomes 0.020000022523525 like this, and
> field2.value 1000000253 someting like this,
> where is the problem, I do not know, I enter a value but it changes after
> committing.
> Thanks