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02 12 2001

Latest News of Sunday 02.12.2001

* The Talibans have confirmed that 5 American soldiers killed during
an Operation martyr near a small airport 20 km away from Qandahar.

*A another source says that heavy clashes took place near Qandahar
and that a huge number of american soldiers (about 2600) have been

* America continues interfering in Pakistan internal affairs:

Most experts in politics are surprised the way the Pakistani
government is fulfilling the American demands. The so called
president Musharrif (American puppet) has reaffirmed his full
cooperation with the USA and now his country is becoming a base for
the Americans to conduct their operations including the control of
the ins and outs (there is no need for Pakistani costumes because the
Americans are doing their job and have taken over the verification
and control of all passports of the passengers!).

* Rabbani is facing obstacles in several fronts:

Rabbani the so called president has suffered another blow after being
accused by his allies that he is not supporting the Bonn conference.
It becomes clear to all that his allies have been pressurized by the
outside world and are trying to find another personality since
Rabbani (Russian puppet) is well known by his horrible past. The
Americans once again have made it clear that they are not pleased
with him and expressed their deep concern. The differences between
different factions of the northern alliance have started to surface
and the Talibans strategy proved to be well calculated.

* Yesterday in Helmand the moujahideen Taliban with God help have
launched a swift assault on those famous Americans. As a result 27
Americans were reported dead and the moujahideens have retreated to
their bases before the intervention of the allied aviation and are
safe ready for the next attack.

* The moujahideens Taliban who are split to small divisions, each
contains 100 moujahids, are launching attacks on a daily basis on the
Northern alliance forces and now their enemy is in defensive.
Allahoumma ansourhoum.

* Your brothers are asking you to make Du'as for them and are very
happy about the events conducted by their brothers in Palestine.

* Yesterday a CIA member with grade of General has been killed
bifadli Allah.

* The moujahideen Taliban have retaken a town near Qandahar from the
mounafiqines who have been fully supported by the Kuffar. The
Talibans have killed about 100 mounafiks and the town is under their
control. Allahoumma ansourhoum

* It is confirmed that some families of the moujahideens Taliban were
killed during American bombardments including Ayman Addawahiri's
Family. Allahoumma arhamhoum.

* Some mounafiqines who spy for the Americans were executed.

30 11 2001

News of Friday

* Following their precedent failure the Americans have launched a new
assault on Helmand, which is a strategic city for the Americans,
using a more powerful force in terms of logistic. As usual the
moujahideens were waiting for them and launched immediately an
offensive against the crusaders using heavy artillery and BMShilka
missiles. The offensive took place in the area of Koumalk in the
south of Helmand close to the Douistan river. As a result 80
Americans soldiers died, three tanks belonging to the United Nations
(but used by the United States) were destroyed were destroyed and two
apaches helicopters were shot down killing all their occupants, wal

Some moujahideen Talibans were wounded and they were withdrawn to
their base after having captured significant sophisticated weapons.
All the operation was filmed and the video cassette will be soon
published insha Allah to prove to the whole world and especially to
the American people, the veracity of the news brought back by
Talibans which contradicts the remarks affirming that Americans
encircle the southern areas of Afghanistan.

* The moujahideens Taliban launched a major offensive on the
mountainous areas of Spin Bouldak in order to crush the militia
supported by Pakistan and America. It followed the death of 100
militiamen (mainly are barons and criminals) and 17 American military
advisers (butchers). The mission of those advisers (butchers) is to
organize and plan the air cover and the operations on the ground.

* Talibans have confirmed again that the town of Spin Bouldak is
always under their control and the people are conducting their
business as usual. No journalist is present in the city, how then
they claim emitting from it!?

* The American secret services continue to assist the barons of drug
and criminals in order to cause disorders and to destabilize Talibans
between Spin Bouldak and Qandahar. But Al hamdullilah Talibans
crushed them and still chasing the rest of them who fled to the
mountains. The moujahideen Talibans have created patrols and special
groups and are charged to protect the population in order to maintain
law and order.

* The international medias continue to affirm that Qandahar has
fallen to the enemy of the Taliban and sometimes it is about to fall.
On the other hand they agree to affirm that the airport is already in
the hands of Americans, so why they are bombarding it so extensively?
If we admit their lies we can assume that they are bombarding their
own position!

* The international medias are diffusing the news only in one
direction favourable to the enemy of the Taliban in order to break
down all the Moslems supporting their cause. When the TV Aljazeera
station recently received a video of Sheikh Oussama Ben Laden, it was
immediately handed over to the Americans who then selected which part
of the video will be transmitted and of course to have all the
answers ready for the message of Sheikh. We reveal this information
so that people should not be misled by the Aljazeera TV and we will
reveal other reasons, insha Allah.

* The Americans are not pleased with Rabbani who is supported by the
Russians and already trying to oust him. Also Abdur Rassoul Siyaf is
not satisfied with the Bonn congress. Rabbani is asking for free
elections contrary to the will of the Bonn congress and the Pashtouns
representatives have withdrawn from the congress.

* A turning point in the history of Afghanistan: The Russian forces
are now in Kabul on the request of Rabbani as Babrak Karmel and
Najibullah did before him? As a result two millions Afghans at the
time had lost their lives (and the hypocrite Rabbani knows. The
Americans are very annoyed owing to the fact that Russian entered
Kabul so quickly without their agreement. In the other hand the
American forces are pouring in Mazar-i-Sharif at the invitation of
another hypocrite Dostom without the permission of the self
proclaimed government (tadjik) of Rabbani.

* The presence of the American forces in Mazar-i-Sharif is another
headache for the Iranians the fact the Americans will be in control
of the borders afghano-Iranian. In order to counterbalance the
presence of the Americans in the region the Iranians are supporting
fully Hizb Wahdat which is fighting right now the forces of the

* The self declared Foreign Minister ' Abdshitan ' Abdshitan
(`Abdullah ' Abdullah) said that the northern alliance forces will
not launch any attack on the Talibans in the southern of Afghanistan.
Therefore the Americans have to do the hard job and surely they will
have the same fate as their old enemy Russians! Taking into account
the differences between the different factions in Afghanistan, it
appears now that it is impossible to create a stable structure in
Afghanistan as the American have started to admit because they failed
on all fronts; They will be negotiating their fate with Amir

* When the northern alliance took control of Kabul, the American
Minister of defence reaffirmed that the main goal is the destruction
of all the Talibans combatants and Al Qa'ida organisation but the
task on the ground remains very hard and lengthy. In order to
minimise the loses and to make the war shorter and of course to hide
their failure the Americans have started inventing lies that they
have discovered secret documents of AlQa'ida on the preparation of
chemicals and nuclear weapons so they can use NBC (Nuclear, Biologic
and chemical) weapons as they did in Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

* A secret organization was formed by American and Pakistan,
including the barons of drug and the Afghan, baloushi and Pakistani
Mafia, in order to open new front against Talibans. Since the take
over by the northern alliance of the territories abandoned by
Talibans, the poppy cultivation has returned in a very large scale
(the United Nations confirmed it) with the encouragement of the
Americans which show their double standards against Talibans (who
they put an end to all the cultivation of poppies in the areas that
they controlled).

* The mouajhideens are asking you once again not to listen to the
news emitted by the non-believers and do not forget us in your
dou,as. Transmit this information to your brothers wa jazakoum
Allahou Kheiran.

150 Americans killed in Afghanistan

The moujahideen Talibans have launched an attack against the forces
of shitan in Shandan killing 150 Americans. This information is
absolutely reliable and more details will be provided to you insha
Allah in the near future.