Subject Long batch
Author Renato Martins
I´ve got a query which updates a table, record by record. It tooks a long
time to run (with a local server, it takes about 14 minutes; I´ve got about
1000 records, which get their values through lots of queries...).

I´ve noticed a great disk activity in the process. It seems that every
update I make (by setting a TField's value), is written to disk.

Two questions:
1. Is there a way to apply the whole update only at the end of the job,
and do the work "silently" (I couldn´t create an SP to do the job, the
values are obtained from really complex conditions...)?? I mean, as if I was
using TClientDataSet, but without the record fetching...
BTW, I am already using TIB_Cursor, and TIB_Query, with a TIB_DSQL here and

2. If I update a record (by putting it in edit mode through code, and
changing their TField values), doesn´t call Post, and then I move to another
record, is it going to be updated????


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