Subject Bugs in IB_SQL under IBO4.2FL
Author Norman Dunbar
Morning all,

I've recompiled IB_SQL using IBO 4.2.FL and have found three small problems
- two I managed to fix, the other not.

On the browse database facility, click on the RELATIONS tab then on DATA,
enter search criteria or simply post. The current row on the grid is
highlighted black on black. This one is easy to fix, open the project, edit
frmBrowse and set the grBrowse grid's CurrentRowColor to clWindow to match
all the other grids.

The second problem is more difficult to fix (for me anyway) - select the
dump database button on the utility bar in IB_SQL (when connected to a
database !), the list of tables will be shown for that database - try
clicking on one of the other table names. The first click will be ok, the
second will hang up the system for a while - just wait for an IDE error to
appear. The IDE message indicates that a stack overflow has occurred, and
indicated sthe following line in the code :

tmpParam := ParamByName( GetMasterLinkParamName( ii ));

which is line 517 of IBA_Dataset.imp and part of procedure

If you select F9 to run on in the IDE, the dump utility has lost the list of
field names in the currently selected table.

The call stack appears to full of calls to
TIB_DataSet.SysMasterDataChange(Nil) calls - hundreds of them.

And finally, and not really all that important, in the IDE, click on the
ellipses button in the Object Inspector for the Version property of a
TIB_Connection. A form is displayed with a CREDITS button - click it. The
elliptical form that is subsequently displayed has been coloured black and
so has the field(s) with the credits on - IBD_Credits. All I had to do here
was change the form's Color property to something other than clBlack - I
used clWindow.

Sorry I can't help with the other problem though :o(

Compiled with Delphi 6 Personal Edition
Using WI-T1.0.0.338 Firebird Beta2 (Info from IB_SQL)
IBO 4.2.FL (Clean install of F and FL prior to re-testing the above


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