Subject TIB_Grid: still two problems
Hi everyone,

I still have two problems with TIB_Grid, where neither the IBO help,
nor the GSG seem to help.

First, users are complaining that TIB_Grid displays an empty row,
even when there are no entries. This is confusing for most of them.
True, this does have some use if the grid is allowed to auto-insert
items, but this is disabled for my app anyway (at least I think so...
preventInserting=false should do that, right?)
So how can I tell the grid to display no row (besides the header) if
the dataset is empty?

Second, (this has been asked before with no reply) how can I make
multi-selects with Ctrl+click work like on a standard Windows
listbox? The difference is:
In a listbox, if no row is selected (just one is highlighted)
ctrl+clicking on another row actually selects 2 rows (the current+the
clicked) while in TIB_Grid, only the clicked row is selected (but not
the current).
So how can I tell the grid to behave like a standard listbox?

Thanks in advance