Subject Grids
Author Technisoft
At 14:34 01-12-2001 +0000, Lester wrote:
> > Can you select multiple contiguous rows with Shift-click?
>I don't know, my customers will never use that <g>
>Seriously, if it's logged as a problem, Jason WILL get round
>to fixing it, but at the current time I can't see any need
>for that in any of the applications that I build.

I would not exactly describe it as a problem- relatively few grids for
Delphi seem able to do this. But it is a nice way for a user to select a
group of records for e.g. deletion, or selecting from a pick list.

So I thought I'd try it out for myself, but almost at once ran into a
strange problem which must have appeared in this list dozens of times. I'll
search for the answer - if no success will be boring you all shortly. :>(

Peter Lawson