Subject Re: [IBO] This could be a bug in IBO.
Author Don Gollahon
I recreated the whole database from scratch. This table had that problem
before I changed it, too. The table is part of a scheduler that I've been
using. It coordinates data from two other tables, a member table which is
the ID field, and an event table which is the Day_id and Srvc_time fields.
People are randomly scheduled for several months at a time to cover certain
events. The ExcludeInfo is a list of events that people cannot cover
because they are not available. The scheduler knows which to skip for each
person by this table. They are all keyed so I can quickly find them.
Remember, this was in Paradox before and certain things had to be in order
to easily port it to IB. I plan on cleaning up the table structures in a
later release.

Anyway. I didn't have any keylinks setup for this table. I'll try adding
them and see if it creates the updateSql correctly. It seems to work okay
without them since I manually adjusted the slight errors the generate button

"Helen Borrie" <helebor@...> wrote in message
> At 11:44 PM 30-11-01 -0600, Don Gollahon wrote:
> Did you delete and rebuild your persistent field objects after changing
the structure of the table? Delphi won't do this for you...
> Also double check that your KeyLinks are correct for the new structure.
They should now be
> ID
> (and I'm asking myself why you need all three columns in your primary
> Helen
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